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Top E-commerce Marketing Channels in 2021 Save event


We are in the e-commerce marketing optimization era. Retailers need to step up their marketing strategy to stand out from the crowd. Besides tools and techniques, in 2021, online businesses need to keep up with the latest industry trends to stay competitive and grow their market share.Join the panel discussion with seasoned marketing professionals Pawel Saczawa (Procter & Gamble), Himani Kankaria (Ecomkeeda), Franco Valentino (Narrative SEO), and Fernando Angulo (Semrush), who will dive into the following topics: The state of e-commerce after the pandemic, Key e-commerce channels for driving brand awareness , Paid traffic channels retailers use to promote their products, How companies distribute their budgets across paid channels, Measurement strategies and KPIs that e-commerce should use in 2021.

Speakers (4)

Name Title Company

Himani Kankaria

Digital Branding And Ecommerce Marketing Consultant



Fernando Angulo

Head Of Communications



Franco Valentino


Narrative Seo


Pawel Saczawa

Senior Media Manage

Ce, Procter & Gamble